Make Your Profile featured on profile page$50 per month
Multi E-Profile creation- for each profile$100  per month
All kinds of advertisement on web site [Third party advertisement] please contact for details and approval $ 200  per month
Partner profile featured on partners page $200  per month
Create separate eprofile with your own slides on top[custom made eprofile] $60  per month[minimum 3 months buy]
Bulk email E-profile promotion
200 Bulk Emails@$50
500 Bulk Emails@$75
1000 Bulk Emails@$100
Professional Resume Writing Services$ 50 only
We create your personal or business eprofile from provided details and do the job search or promotion (for each profile & for individuals and partners) Contact admin before ordering & confirm details. $ 250 per month
E-Resume creation- Custom Design
create e-Resume just like Newslettes for sending through emails(No need attachment)-editable
$ 100 only
Unique Job Search Service
we will search opportunities for you around the world as your requirement.opportunities will start searching for you Just join & admin for more details
$ 100 per month
Certified e-profile by
E-profile certification with special evaluation and enquiry about the contents by our legal team.please contact admin for more details.certified profile will be prefered by employers or opportunity providers.
$ 150 per profile. if anybody select this option we have to provide a special stamp on his profile as "certified profile" with tick mark.